Tell the Mailman

Remember the day your baby took his (or her) VERY first step? Remember how you got a video of it on your phone? Then you put it on Facebook. Then you showed your mom. Then you showed your mailman [and he thought you were crazy, but you didn’t give a shit because you were SO happy and everyone needed to know it!]. You probably even shared it again 1 year later when Facebook reminded you of the memory.

The next day, your baby took FOUR baby steps and you were even more excited! You cheered. You called everyone into the room to see. Again with the video, of course. And the mailman had to hear about it again.

So why is it that YOU are making amazing baby steps RIGHT NOW, but you are not cheering and giving yourself all the credit you deserve?

“I ONLY lost x pounds…”
“I ONLY did 15 minutes…”
“I DIDN’T make it through the full workout…”


Imagine if, when your baby took his first step, you just looked him in the eye and said, “Eh, you ONLY took one step. Cool story.” and then you walked away from him. How defeated would that little fella feel? Do you think he would be encouraged to keep going?

Don’t become complacent to your achievements. Celebrate every single one of them. And go on, tell the mailman those, too. He already thinks you’re a nutball, so might as well keep the vision alive. 😉

Tell the Mailman - From Forks to Fitness : Jean Reed

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