Healthy Families

“I can’t do 21 Day Fix because my kids won’t eat healthy stuff like that.”

Snack Drawer

Psst. πŸ˜‰ You’re making excuses. Stop it.

I’ve created a board focused solely on my tried & true recipes for my kiddos. They double as 21 Day Fix recipes. πŸ˜‰ They’ve even helped create some of these recipes (hint: that’s the magic of it)!

Don’t feel like you can’t mix and match a recipe to make it work for everyone in your home. For example, my 8-year old basically deconstructs everything. He doesn’t like his food touching (he totally got that from me as a kid – oops). So we just let him assemble his own plate. He has deconstructed tacos, pasta without sauce and hey, if eating pancakes without syrup makes him happy, who am I to say otherwise?

Get your kids in the kitchen. Let them touch the food. Let them help create the food. Hey, slap some seedlings up on the windowsill and let them grow the food!

They’ve learned their habits from you (good, bad and otherwise, ha!), so if you want them to learn new habits, just change the example you are setting for them.

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